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Waterproofing Newcastle is the number one provider of waterproofing services in Newcastle, NSW. Offering a range of services, we have all your waterproofing needs covered! From roofing to water tanks, to pools, to basements, we have the means to ensure that your property is completely waterproofed. We are extremely passionate about what we do as we have seen the devastating effects that moisture and leaking can have on a building. With potentially lethal consequences, if your building is not watertight you are on your way to an extremely dangerous situation. With decades of experience amongst our team you can be assured that when you work with us you receive the best service that thoroughly and completely waterproofs your property. Whether a home, a commercial site, or a business property, our goal is to ensure that all properties across the city are adequately protected from the hazards of water.

Using high-quality materials, our team have a range of methods to draw on. After a thorough assessment, they will apply the most appropriate measures to ensure you and your property are protected. From waterproofing spray to waterproofing membranes, and much more, our waterproofing methods are varied so that they can be tailored to provide the most success for your property. We offer these services at affordable costs so that everyone can have access to our work. Please feel welcome to get in touch and we will be happy to discuss what you need. Our priority is to protect you and your property!

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