APP and SBS Torch on Membrane Waterproofing

worker burning the floor to put the floor membrane

When it comes to construction projects some technicalities are useful to understand. Because of the importance of properly waterproofing your property, understanding waterproofing methods can be exceptionally useful. Here we explain all about torch on membrane waterproofing, so that you have an idea of what your building will need. Waterproofing Newcastle is the number one expert in this field, and we really want you to feel supported throughout this process. We know that this means understanding what is required, so will go out of our way to ensure you know what is happening and why. Our goal is to support you to achieve the best waterproofing on your property!


What is torch on membrane waterproofing?

The procedures in any waterproofing job are extremely intricate. This is to ensure that all elements of the construction are completely covered, providing a 100% waterproofing service. Because of this, many specialist terms are thrown around. One important method to understand is torch on membrane. This is a modern technique that involves securing an activated membrane cover to whatever shape, size, and material is necessary. The membrane is made of bitumen that has been modified with asphalt and is activated when heat is applied. The variations such as APP and SBS come depending on the type of asphalt used to modify the membrane.


How does it work?

Torch on membrane creates a strong membrane layer that protects your roof from moisture and damp. In many cases, we melt the layer onto the surface so that your roofing material is completely resistant to water and stops it from pooling on certain parts of the roof. It is an extremely reliable method to actively protect your property by adding a shield between the roof and the elements. Work with Waterproofing Newcastle to ensure that this service is properly installed and no damage is done during the process.



SBS is a rubber modified asphalt. It is highly resistant to stress and is known for its extreme resilience to tears and punctures. Lasting longer than other forms of asphalt, it is ideal in many circumstances. Strong but less malleable than other materials, it is ideal in many places, but for areas that require flexibility, we recommend another type of torch on membrane. Although taking longer to install than APP torch, the resilience and strength it shows will mean when installed correctly, by experts such as ourselves, it will last longer.



APP is a plastic modified asphalt. It torches well and so is flexible and quick to install. Perfect for areas that are tight in size, it can be used to mould to wherever it is needed. Places like wall flashings and curved roofs will benefit greatly from this material. Very durable, the flexibility means that it provides a tight seal for a superior bond that will be resistant to high winds and other weather. Suitable for repairs, renovations, and new builds, APP is an excellent choice in many circumstances.

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