Industrial and Commercial Waterproofing

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Waterproofing Newcastle is the leading waterproofing expert in Newcastle, NSW. With vast experience in the industrial and commercial fields, we have been serving businesses across the city and wider, for all types of roofs. We can confidently work on all forms of projects, performing a tailored service that achieves excellence. No job is too large or too small and we welcome you to get in touch with any questions! For all your waterproofing needs, we are the team to help!


Why must my property be waterproofed?

No matter the purpose of your property it must be kept waterproofed. This will ensure the health and wellbeing of all users of your site plus any products or other items stored there. Failure to sufficiently waterproof your site puts your building at risk of damp, and mould, which compromise the structure of your property and can have serious health repercussions for anyone in the vicinity. Damage from water can also allow pests and other vermin to enter, as well as increase your energy bills substantially as heat is allowed to escape. Investing today in a thorough waterproofing service is the best thing you can do!


Can moisture come through concrete floors or surfaces?

If your property is constructed from concrete there is an absolute possibility that it may begin to leak. One of the most common causes of leaking through concrete is if the foundations of your building are insufficient. This allows water to enter and then will come up through any cracks or porous concrete. This process must be eliminated as quickly as possible to prevent any long term or more serious damage. Waterproofing Newcastle will identify the root of the problem, helping you to prevent a reoccurrence. We also offer concrete crack repair and full resurfacing services, using the highest standard concrete epoxy to ensure this problem is completely resolved.


Other materials

No matter the construction material that your property is built from, we have the skills to completely waterproof it. Able to deal with all areas of your building, we work with concrete floors, brickwork, metal roofs, and much more. Whatever the situation and condition of your property, be sure to get in touch and let us help you to make it weatherproof once more. It is common that in initial stages of construction waterproofing is not prioritized so even if your building is a new build, take up our assessment service to ensure that you are properly protected in the long run!


Risk Management Strategy

As the owner or manager of a commercial site, you have a responsibility to keep the users of your site safe. Waterproofing is an important part of this risk management, as it deals with a hazard that can be potentially lethal. Your average leak does more than just discolour the area, it may even carry toxic organic substances in with it. Work with us to ensure that your responsibilities are maintained, and the users of your site are kept safe!

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