Pools, Tanks & Ponds

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As the expert waterproofer in Newcastle, NSW, you can be assured that when you work with us you received service that is the best. Any part of your property that is holding water must be waterproofed properly. This is a serious issue that can cause serious problems if not dealt with in advance. As your local experts, we hold our responsibility extremely seriously and promise you a service of excellence.


What kind of waterproofing do pools, tanks, and ponds require?

These kinds of household features must be waterproofed sufficiently. Failure to do so can cause real problems in both the long and short term. Depending on the type of water holder you have, particularly based on the material it is made of, our waterproofing method will adjust. It is essential that the correct method is used to ensure complete compliancy between waterproofing and material. From the correct choice of membrane, to sprays, and paint-on measures, the variety in the way we work with your property is huge and tailored to every unique project.


What is that Australian standard for waterproofing ACT?

There are some legal rulings surrounding the waterproofing of wet areas on your property. These standards are there to ensure that all constructions are built and maintained to a standard that keeps you safe. The regulations aim to tell us how to best keep moisture-ridden areas separate from dry ones. This is achieved with the use of impervious barriers known as waterproofing membranes. They allow moisture to drain and dry, eliminating damage. If you are constructing an area that holds water such as these three or requiring repairs, work with us to ensure that these standards are complied with.


Swimming Pool Repair

Because of the nature of a pool, if leaks occur they must be dealt with quickly. Our pool repair service pays meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that nothing is missed so that your pool remains watertight for many years to come. We begin the repairs with a full assessment that will consider the nature of the construction materials, the security of filtration points, and the changes due to age and weathering that have caused these problems. Once these issues have been assessed we will tailor our repairs to ensure complete elimination of any leaks whilst facilitating a durable and long-lasting repair. All products that we work with are of the highest quality and will be resistant to climate changes, possible aggressiveness of salts in the water and support the pressure and counterpressure of the water for years to come.


Concrete Crack Repair

In this area that must be kept waterproof, fixing cracks in any concrete surfacing must be done immediately. Commonly quick and easy to repair, our expert waterproofers will first off make a full assessment of the situation to ensure that this is standalone damage and not a symptom of another issue. Once this has been clarified that crack will be repaired to be durable and long-lasting, reinstalled as waterproofed for many years to come.

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