Retaining Walls

a brick retaining wall with red bricks and gras area in the front and on top

Retaining walls are a beautiful and often functional feature of your land. It is imperative that you protect them from damage caused by insufficient waterproofing. Water can cause serious damage with potentially hazardous effects. Avoid these risks by working with us today to ensure your walls are properly protected. With excellent quality work coupled with affordable costs, we are the people to help! This small investment will save you in the long run, preventing repairs and potential reconstruction in the future. Let us help you to prevent damage, and keep you and your property safe!


What are retaining walls?

A retaining wall is an outdoor wall that supports different levels of soil on each side. It is commonly a feature in a back yard or garden and is either purely decorative or functional too. It can be used to prevent soil erosion, make good use of a steep incline, or to facilitate more accessible planting beds on a higher level.  A professionally installed retaining wall can withstand decades, however, it must be built with water management in mind to ensure that it does not become damaged by rainfall. Work with the team of specialists at Waterproofing Newcastle to ensure that your wall is totally protected.


Why do they need to be waterproofed?

Because retaining walls are built to support different levels of soil on each side, that slope guides water down and through the foundation of your wall. This is hugely compromising to the structure and will lead to the demise of the materials so that eventually your wall will collapse. When sufficiently waterproofed, the water will be rejected from the wall and will instead find a way around. As leading experts in this field, we also create a pathway that will safely remove the water from the wall area, sending it to an area where it is safe to be distributed.


Our methods

We have a variety of methods to draw from to ensure that your retaining wall is properly protected. These walls can be built from a whole range of materials, and each will require a different approach. So, no matter if your wall is concrete, masonry, stone, or synthetic, we have the methods to keep your wall entirely waterproofed. As well as ensuring that there is good drainage, we will also need to help reduce the buildup of hydrostatic pressure. We do this for all retaining walls by using a waterproofing membrane both above and below ground.


Why work with us?

Of all the waterproofing companies in the area, Waterproofing Newcastle is the number one. With years of experience behind us, you can join a trail of happy clients whose properties have been successfully waterproofed by us. We take our role extremely seriously and understand the serious effects that insufficient waterproofing can have. Using the most up-to-date methods, and state-of-the-art materials, we will protect your retaining walls, ensuring that water is directed away from the structure, as well as using waterproof membranes to protect the wall itself.

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