Residental Waterproofing

an under construction house with waterproofing materials

Your home must be protected from leaking water! To avoid serious damage work with us today to ensure that every part of the building has been properly waterproofed to a professional level. From your basement to your laundry waterproofing requirements, as well as the rest of your property, keeping it waterproofed will have huge repercussions. Not only keeping your home safe and dry, but it also increases the value of the property, and brings down your household energy bills by reducing heat loss!


What exactly is waterproofing?

It is essential that your home is waterproofed. Water seeping into your property can cause huge issues that could cost you a small fortune in the long run. A professional waterproofing service, such as ours, will ensure that your entire building is protected from the danger of water in unwanted places. Avoiding mould, rotting, warped boards, and the ruin of your possessions, the structure of your home needs to be properly able to withstand the weather.


It is vital that your basement has been correctly waterproofed. This will ensure that your property has a stronger foundation than otherwise and increase the value of your property. Enabling your home to be more efficient, it will drive down the costs of your household energy bills. This is because it retains heat better, therefore allowing the space to be used for many purposes. Basement waterproofing will ensure that any water or dampness is prevented from entering so mould and pests will be deterred. You will find that this small investment now will reap dividends in the future, the benefits outweighing this initial cost in financial savings in repairs and bills. If you see efflorescence in the walls, you need salt damp repair, and should bring in the experts (that’s us!) to repair your leaking basement. 


A must-do on your list of household tasks is the proper waterproofing of your bathroom. Mould is common in this damp space which can lead to serious detrimental effects the longer it goes on. Causing a risk to your health, mould must be avoided at all costs. Working with us to waterproof your bathroom ensures that this room is serviced completely with professional damp proofing, protecting you and your loved ones from the risk of lingering moisture in your bathroom. As your local experts, we can work on brand new bathrooms, or perform thorough rejuvenation services to rescue your bathroom from dangerous territory. Covering all elements from waterproofing your shower to the rest of the room, get in touch to find out about remedial waterproofing to prevent the problem of rising damp from worsening.


Your balcony is exposed to the elements 365 days of the year. No matter the material used for the construction, you must ensure that the upkeep of waterproofing is maintained. As your local waterproofing specialist, we can help with all forms of balconies ensuring safety and longevity in all cases. This service deals with the underneath of your balcony primarily, treating any perennial water ingression damage. Not maintaining this can cause huge problems for you later on, creating weaknesses in the balcony that may be a real hazard.

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